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A Seasoned Legacy of Soulful Entrepreneurship & Community Service

Established in 1997 by Dr. Kenneth, Dusties Southern Soul Food Southern Style Buffet has stood the test of time, emerging as one of the few buffets to navigate through the challenges of COVID-19 successfully. Dr. Kenneth, a seasoned entrepreneur and author, not only created Dusties but also owns several other businesses, showcasing his entrepreneurial prowess. His book, "The Era of the Entrepreneur," is highly regarded in the business world.
Dr. Kenneth's leadership extends beyond business; it's a pillar of community service. Despite achieving significant financial success, his true passion lies in giving back. He is renowned for feeding hundreds of thousands of people, especially children, for free over the past few decades. Dusties Buffet is not just a restaurant; it's a testament to Dr. Kenneth's entrepreneurial spirit, his commitment to excellence, and his unwavering dedication to serving the community.

Dusties Buffet is Steve Harvey Approved

Dusties stands as a staple of soul food, endorsed by none other than the legendary Steve Harvey. Our menu, features locally sourced, fresh ingredients, ensuring an elevated dining experience. Whether you crave classics done to perfection or unique specialties, Dusties promises an unforgettable feast for your taste buds.

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